Securing the daily meals

The education center “Centro Educativo Francisco Coll” is located close to a landfill in Guatemala City. It was founded in the early 90s by the Catholic Sisters from the order “Dominicans de la Anunciata” who dress secularly. At the school, there are some teachers who are not members of the order. The special concern of the school is that the children who live in the slums, where many people live from collecting rubbish of the landfill nearby, can have access to the six-year primary education, as well as receiving protection, care and some medical provision, sexual education, advice for family planning, and the daily meal, which consists of a sandwich and a glass of milk.

Currently, there are 325 boys and girls that attend school. The sisters make an effort to strengthen the children’s self worth so that they can contribute to making Guatemala a safe and peaceful country, as the director has told us.

We have supported the school since 2005. Our contribution makes up 15 to 20 percent of their total budget. In 2013 we have planned to give grants for education of students of the “Francisco Coll” School, who can choose to do high school or do a vocational training.