Direct Aid for former Prisoners of War

The association Kontakte-Kontakty e.V. supports POW from the former Soviet Union, especially from the Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. Due to the fact that the partner organization seldom notifies of new victims of Nazi Germany now, aid has shifted to social and medical areas instead of the former sole payment of 300 Euros.

There also is an intensive correspondence between Kontakte-Kontakty and the victims, which has produced a psychological relief to the victims of Nazi Germany. RUVD has supported Kontakte-Kontakty association since its establishment in order to fulfill RUVD’s purposes. From 2005 to 2012, 98,500 Euros were transferred. Because the number of victims is drastically dropping, the payments are gradually reversing. In 2013, we transferred 10,000 Euros.

On the left hand side you can see Boris Popow, visiting the former concentration camp Stalag IV B in Mühlberg/Elbe on 27 October 2012 where he was imprisoned from May 1942 to April 1945. On the right photo stands Wasilij Stepanowitsch Awsejenko (1920-2007) who captured on 24 June 1941. Until his release, he was imprisoned in Stalag 308/ Neuhammer and did forced labor for the construction of an airport. Before his death, he received 300 Euros from the Kontakte-Kontakty association.

Further information available on the website of Kontakte-Kontakty

The Project is now closed!