By the end of the Year 2022 there are exciting news to be reported:

On one hand from Cochabamba, where the team of Caicc finally succeeded in autumn to buy a second hand bus, a NISSAN, with 24 seats. The prize was only 25.000.- USD.

This was due to the multiple generous extra donations of Dr. Bernd Meyer. Thus there was even some money left, which shall be saved for other projects.

Also from the scholarship program in Guatemala we received very good news. The program for 2023 now contains 17 scholarship holders in all, who are being trained in 6 different careers: they are becoming either auxiliary nurses (3) or professional nurses (1), nursery school teachers (8) or qualified accountants (1) , they are finishing bachillerato (3) or – this is new- are studying law to become a lawyer (1).

The diligently chosen young women live and study in 3 different regions of Guatemala, most of them live in Chichicastenango and are being cared for by Sister Rosa Maria. In Lancetillo this year we had two failures. Here, two scholarship holders unfortunately preferred to marry or to emigrate to the U.S. (at least she tried). They both made their decisions so early that we did not lose any money and now there are two other young women who can start with their career as auxiliary nurse in january 2023 .

And finally we received the report of the year of the school at the main city dump; here the number of pupils have risen again up to 280 after a lower number of 245 in 2021. Lessons took place in semipresential form, meaning from Monday to Wednesday the pupils were learning in small groups at school, and on the other days they worked with learning sheets. That had functioned quite well. At the end of school year 35 sixt graders could be released into life, only one had to repeat.

Then there were multiple lectures and workshops for the parents , about rights and duties of childhood , about parenthood and the correct education. Over and over again people were instructed in prevention and hygiene because of the pandemic.

There has been built a new roof for the school building and the kitchen got a new big sink.

During the whole year the Sisters hav distributed packages with food and lots of eggs to 211 families in all.