2013: From Apolinaria Coc Ac

Our scholarship holder from 2012, Apolinaria Coc Ac sent us the following letter. Because of the scholarship, she was able to study and graduate. Today she works in a health center of the state. She finished top of her cohort, the photo below shows her holding the Guatemalan flag where she is being honored. The photo on the right shows the original letter. Next to it you can see two other scholarship holders Apolinaria and Francisca with their degrees. On the photo below on the right right stand our new scholarship holders Santa, Francisca, and Bertha.

“I send you my warmest regards and hope that you are well with health. This letter is a pleasure to write; it is the moment to thank you for your help and support throughout this time. Without your help, it would not have been possible for me to go forward, as I do not have resources and do not receive support from anybody….God has given me the strength, every day I have learned with freewill to move forward. I always liked this study program and my aim was to finish it. Thank God I got good grades: I had the highest grades in practice and theory courses from the very beginning until the end of the study program. Because of my good grades, I was honored and held the Guatemalan flag. I was also able to carry out my duties of the vocational training without ignoring my responsibilities as a mother. Sometimes my daughters got ill and I had the feeling that everything would be complicated but I was able to move forward, as God did not leave me alone…. I ask God to bless everyone, I will never forget that with your great support, I was able to move forward and that I was able to make my dream to study come true. I am very thankful that you are good people and the God helps you so that you can support people that are in such need… It is my responsibility to look after my daughters and I will be able to that now that I have a degree because I am able to find a job. I am a married woman and unfortunately my husband treated me very badly, he will never change. But now, with my degree, I have learned a lot. I love you all and I send you all lots of hugs. May God bless always you. Thank you, thank you and thank you.”